Drinks Cabinet

Drinks Cabinet notes

In 2014 Elbow Room and artist Shaun James conceived Drinks Cabinet. At Drinks Cabinet we have conversations accompanied by alcohol and usually food. We record the conversations. Early on Sam Hasler joined us.

Sometimes we all take part in a conversation but sometimes there are only two or three of us. So far, we’ve had four sessions and we plan to regularly invite other people along.

We talk about whatever comes up but sometimes we have a starting point. It might be that we’re making plans for the next occasion like where we’ll be and what we’ll eat and drink, or there might be a text or idea that some of us have been thinking about that we want to talk about. One conversation often informs the next. We like that the conversations can generate ideas which are new to us and sometimes we might build on those ideas to make something else happen.

We take care to consider the drinks and accompanying food because those details are important in setting the right atmosphere and getting the conversation started in a way that everyone feels happy with. Some of the drinks, objects and paraphernalia accumulated through the sessions are collected in a portable container – a literal drinks cabinet.

Drinks Cabinet sits in a space between many areas of our respective practices . It is less formal than an organised critique, but more considered than a trip to the pub. It can be seen as a project in itself, but can also help inform others. It is sometimes useful and valuable to take a step sideways to talk critically about things not always or specifically related to your personal practice – this is what Drinks Cabinet aims to provide.

We’re still deciding what to do with the recordings.

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