Pobol Prism

caffi'r cwm

Elbow Room are currently looking forward to working on a new project that sees socially engaged film artist, Inga Burrows, working with S4C as artist in residence at the long running Welsh language TV soap, Pobol y Cwm. The project, which has the title Pobol Prism, starts in January 2014 and will run for 9 months.

Throughout the project Inga will take up residence on-set to work with Cwm Deri’s community of fictional characters. This will present a significant challenge to Inga who’s participatory practice has previously involved working with real people in real world settings. Inga says: A common thread throughout my work has been the relationship between imagination and mundane existence and the fiction of the ordinary made extraordinary […] To extend this thematic in the context of tele-visual culture, is a tantalising prospect.”

Elbow Room are particularly interested in the themes and issues raised through the relationship between the artist, the on-set environment, the engagement with fictional participants and also the wider cultural context in which the Pobol Prism is positioned. Inga’s desire to “make art an every-day relevance” sits very well with Elbow Room’s motivations.

As well as assisting in the project management of the project and contributing to the development of creative engagement activities, Elbow Room will treat it as a case study to explore the value of participatory art projects, which extends the investigations begun through their previous Intercourse projects.

Find out more about Inga’s practice: www.ingaburrows.com

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