Intercourse 2011


“Is there something you’ve always wanted to tell someone you know? Would you like to meet a stranger in a mirrored room?”

During ‘Intercourse’ at the Experimentica festival 2011, Elbow Room invited couples (whether previously known to each other or not) to spend ten minutes behind the closed door of Chapter’s Common Room and whatever went on in that room was streamed live to a monitor in the café bar area.

‘Intercourse’ was an exploration into public engagement, human interaction and the ethics of public and private observation. It was an attempt at exploring the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable in public. Concerns arise when we ask whether it is acceptable not to inform someone that they are being filmed or their conversation recorded. At what point, if any, in the participation process can implicit agreement be assumed to the recordings being exhibited? Will the participants ever meet again? If so, will their experience affect their future contact?