Cardiff Indoor Market

Veil - Trance, video still. Inga Burrows

Veil – Trance, video still. Inga Burrows


Through her residency in Cardiff Indoor Market Inga Burrows aimed to investigate the market as a site of social, aesthetic, sensory, psychological expression and reception. During her time there Inga documented the personal experiences of the place, from the various perspectives of the users, stallholders, shoppers and the management team. Using film and interviews she captured the aesthetic dimension of the day to day activities, presentation of goods, skilful preparation of food stuff, hand gestures, facial expressions, quality of light, architectural character, activity and motion. Inga Invited a number of the stallholders to participate as subjects and as critical advisors in the process of developing artworks.

What's Going On, Exhibition Flyer

What’s Going On, Exhibition Flyer

One of the projects she undertook during the residency was a documented ‘road trip’ with a stallholder whom she accompanied to Manchester on a stock buying visit. She also made a film artwork, dealing with issues within the market in relation to pitch boundaries as well as other artworks including a poem commissioned by a rhyme writer who works in the market. Inga submitted two of her video works for publication in a peer review practice as research site: ‘Screenworks’.

Butcher, Cardiff Indoor Market, Inga Burrows

Butcher, Cardiff Indoor Market, Inga Burrows

An exhibition of work created during her residency ‘What’s Going On’ took place in The Old Library building from 1st – 29th December 2011. She also took part in a symposium in partnership with Open Empty Spaces about artists working in markets.

To view some of Inga’s films visit: