Cheapside Commission, Bridgend Town Centre


Bridgend is situated on the River Ogmore between Swansea and Cardiff and has developed from the 15th Century to become an important market town and regional industrial Centre. The Council is currently carrying out major redevelopment works in the Town Centre to enhance the quality and historic character of environment, improve accessibility, increase footfall, complement existing development projects and help stimulate future investment. Artworks are being commissioned for key sites within the development area with the aim that they will add to the ongoing environmental enhancements.
The Cheapside site is a major component of the regeneration programme. By September 2012 the area will have been improved to make it more pedestrian friendly through the use of high quality natural and sympathetic materials for the footways, improved street lighting, new street furniture and road resurfacing.

Cheapside is an important gateway and pedestrian route from the southeast of Bridgend into the town Centre. Its southern end finishes in a wide sweeping semi-circle which is set to become a designated public open space containing trees, landscaping and feature stone walling.

In February 2012 artist David Annand was appointed to design and make a number of sculptural works for the Cheapside area. He is currently working on detailed designs, in collaboration with local poet Rhian Edwards.

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