Art Car-Bootique 2011

pie chart main

Art Car-bootique took place on 17th April 2011, to celebrate Chapter Art Centre’s 40th Birthday. Devised by Chapter and Something Creatives, the event took place in the Chapter car park where each arts group taking part was given a pitch for the day, to tout their wares, do something creative and generally have fun. There was live music, food, street theatre and more bunting than you could ever wish for! It helped that the weather was glorious too.

pie chart 2

Inspired by the trading car boot style of event, Elbow Room presented the Welsh Art Pie Chart Contest to encouraged thoughts about the ubiquitous presence of money and numbers in the art world. We touched on issues relating to art funding and cuts, the value of art, art as a commodity, and the role of arts professionals. A competition was run throughout the day in which participants could win prizes for the most accurate answers to various questions relating to the themes. The prizes were edible ‘Pie Charts’ with statistical decorations… Well done to the winners.

A straw poll was also taken on three questions:

1. Should public money be used to fund art? Result: 81 Yes, 0 No, 2 Don’t Know, 1 Don’t Care.

2. Jeff Koons’ Puppy is made of 70,000 plants – True or False? Result: 43 True, 13 False. Correct answer: True.

3. A Jackson Pollock painting was sold for £140million. Was it worth it? Result: 22 Yes, 44 No, 10 Not Sure.